ECC module?

Patrick Higgins phiggins at
Mon Jul 31 20:10:28 EDT 2000

Excuse me for not being a kernel wizard, but what am I going to have to do
to integrate the Disk on Chip ECC code into the 2000 and Millenium

I've currently written a separate source file containing the key routines,
only one of which is non-static.  Now, since the 2000 and the Millenium
are separate modules, do I have to make the ECC into a *third* module
which they can both use, or can I just link the ECC object into both of

It seems like it might be simpler to make the docprobe, doc2000, and
doc2001 modules into a single doc module which may or may not have support
for both.

To do either of these, though, I need to learn more about kernel
makefiles.  Anyone know of a good introduction?  From Rules.make, it looks
like you define one O_TARGET and a few O_OBJS and OX_OBJS and these will
get linked to make the O_TARGET.  Would this force a separate subdirectory
to be used for disk on chip if the ECC was not made into a module?


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