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Patrick Higgins phiggins at
Mon Jul 31 16:06:59 EDT 2000

It looks like David checked in a lot of changes on the 26th which fix the
problem!  I still need to verify this at home (it wasn't working on
Saturday, but I may not have updated in a while).  Anyway, things are
looking pretty good.  I should be able to *actually* work on the ECC
now.  Do you think we could get the Reed-Solomon code licensed under the
GPL?  If not, how would we avoid infringing their copyright on it?  I plan
on rewriting some of the simpler pieces (the Galois math implementation),
but some of the functions (residue_to_syndrom,
decoder_for_2_errors) should probably be used as is.  How big of a problem
will this be?


On Mon, 31 Jul 2000, Patrick Higgins wrote:

> On Mon, 31 Jul 2000, David Woodhouse wrote:
> > rogelio at said:
> > > David - NFTL support is safe with the multipage read-write support. I
> > > have a system running on ext2 on nftl and it is stable. 
> > 
> > Cool - you mean not only does it _not_ break it, but it magically makes it 
> > stable too?
> Unless you've made some changes to NFTL (you were just verifying that your
> DoC2000 changes *didn't* break NFTL, right?) then NFTL still has some
> problems.  I'm having trouble finding time to look into the cause, but
> while I am able to read and write from a preexisting NFTL partition, I'm
> unable to make changes to it.  Using M-Systems' dformat utility from
> dosemu makes a single FAT partition.  When I try to use fdisk to toggle it
> to a Linux partition, things seem to go normally, but then when I run it
> again, the partition still shows up as FAT.  mke2fs also seems to complete
> successfully, but doesn't actually make changes.  However, mounting the
> FAT partition, touching a few files, unmounting, *rebooting*, and mounting
> again shows that the changes were permanent.  I have no idea what's
> wrong--but I assume, as David has pointed out, that something is probably
> wrong with the block device setup and/or partition table setup.  I'll look
> into it when I get the chance.
> -Patrick

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