XIP on mtdram

David Woodhouse dwmw2 at infradead.org
Wed Jul 26 07:19:45 EDT 2000

rogelio at evoserve.com said:
> I really have to because i can have no more than 32 M ram and 4 M
> norflash. Can ramfs be mounted as root partition? I can almost boot
> linux straight off the bios chip now. I need to read a filesystem
> image off the flash, mount it as root and mount the flash filesystem
> array.

At the moment, you _have_ to execute your binaries from RAM. There's no 
alternative. Using a ramdisk, ramfs, or mtdram will all use up pages of 
that RAM, so there's no advantage in doing that over just using JFFS on the 
flash and having the page cache store it for you.

In fact, by using JFFS on the flash, at least the kernel can discard the
pages from RAM when they're not in use, so in fact you're better off that

With some hacking, it's theoretically possible to get XIP working on JFFS. 
You're unlikely to get that running in a week, though. My advice is to go 
with JFFS directly on the flash.


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