64M DOC2000

Ian Thompson ithompson at coollogic.com
Tue Jul 25 12:46:52 EDT 2000

Actually I had to play with the code to get it to recognise the device.
is probably due to my test setup.

I boot from a hard drive and set the DOC up from within Linux. This
means contending
with the LILO/DOC interaction so I use DOC2.FFF to blank out the
conflicting region.
The detection code misses the device when using this, because it reads
FFs instead of the
55 and AA signature. I took out that detection and restricted
doc_locations[] to 
the actual location of the DOC and the device is found. 

Kernel output to follow.

Ian T.

David Woodhouse wrote:
> ithompson at coollogic.com said:
> > The part is recognised by the mtd driver with 2.4.0. I can partition
> > it with fdisk /dev/nftl and create  ext2 disks.
> Good.
> > However, when I try
> > to copy data to it I start getting input/output errors after I've got
> > a certain amount of data (yet to be determined) on it.
> Urgh. That may be normal though :(
> Can you post the whole of the kernel's output while you're doing this,
> including what it says when it probes and finds the device?
> --
> dwmw2

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