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Tue Jul 25 05:17:38 EDT 2000

On Tue, Jul 25, 2000 at 09:59:28AM +0100, Kira Brown wrote:
> On 24 Jul 2000, Stuart Lynne wrote:
> > The flash parts on the SC400 are mapped through the SC400 MMU. There are 
> > several models, but the easiest is to map them 8kb at a time into a memory
> > window in low memory (0xc8000 if I remember correctly).
> Actually, it can be anywhere between 0xc8000 and 0xd4000, maybe even
> higher than that, I can't remember.  The MMU isn't really involved.  the
> SC4x0 generates a bunch of chipselects whose active address windows can be
> set using addressed registers.  The PCMCIA system is involved on SC400,
> and the vestiges of it are involved on SC410.  Interestingly, there's also
> a chip called SC405, but I can't get AMD to admit that it exists...
Well it has been a year since I wrote that driver.... so I checked the SC400 
Register Set Manual..

The simple way is to use MMS Window A which is 32k bytes wide with a fixed
address range of B0000-B7FFFh (Pg. 3-40).

This is of course assuming the Flash devices are wired to their own select
line which is the norm on their (AMD) reference board. 

I suppose you could can also use the PC Card A or B memory space. That is
not what they (AMD) do on their reference board.

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