Compiling MTD in the kernel

mark.langsdorf at mark.langsdorf at
Mon Jul 17 11:05:55 EDT 2000

> If I try to mount a partition using jffs (even though this partition
> isn't jffs), I get: mount: fs type jffs not supported by kernel

	Are you using the 2.2.16 patch of the 2000/07/04 build?  I am
having a similar problem, and it looks like the patch does not set up
the make files properly to handle the jffs stuff.  At least, the jffs
is not an option with 'make menuconfig' even though the other MTD 
stuff is.
> It's the same errors I would get If I had compiled everything 
> as modules but didn't load them.

-Mark Langsdorf

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