Michael Elizabeth Chastain mec at
Thu Jul 13 23:58:57 EDT 2000

I introduced define_tristate in the 2.3 series.

I am not following the MTD discussion, but I gather the idea is to use
the same files for both 2.2 and 2.3.  If you need to do that,
I suppose you can use define_bool and get away with it.

define_tristate exists in order to help tighten up the type system in
Config Language.  The idea is to improve the tools so that they can give
warnings and errors about things like "this variable is a boolean in
one place and a tristate in another".  If this ever actually happens,
I hope that drivers/mtd/ can be edited at that time to conform.

Just some historical two cent's worth from an old has-been.  :)


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