persistence of files using jffs

Juan Gonzo kayemmess at
Thu Jul 13 16:09:52 EDT 2000

Me again.  More questions.  Oy!

Our system is using a ramdisk (with a prebuilt image)
as its root device.  Before I boot up the system I burn
a small image into flash (this image was created with
mkfs.jffs and contains a couple of files and one directory).

So, the system boots up and I do the following:
   (1) mknod /dev/mtd3 b 31 3   (mtd3 is where the fs 'partition' is,
                                 using examples from nora.c)
   (2) mount -t jffs /dev/mtd3 /mnt

The mount is successful and after this I can see the files and
directory I burned into flash.  I can copy another file from the
ramdisk to this mount.  And I can 'umount /mnt' successfully as

However, when I cycle power on the system,
any *new* files I create or copy into this space are lost.

Everytime I restart the system I have to 'mknod /dev/mtd3', does
this have something to do with that?  What am I missing to
get the new files to be present when I remount JFFS?

   -- kelly

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