mtd devices & jffs

David Woodhouse dwmw2 at
Tue Jul 11 03:30:23 EDT 2000

kayemmess at said:
> Dirty flash memory or bad inode: hexdump(pos = 0x1098176, len = 128):

Looks like there were data on the flash chips before you started. Erase 
them first. There's no utility to erase whole devices, but the 'erase' 
program in the util/ directory will erase a single erase block at a time.

 for a in `seq 0 131072 16777216` ; do mtd/util/erase /dev/mtd0 $a ; done

...or put a loop into the erase program. The MTDGETINFO ioctl should return 
the size of the device.


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