plilo problems

Rodrigo Moya rmoya at
Mon Jul 10 09:17:20 EDT 2000

On Thu,  6 Jul 2000, Dvir Oren wrote:
> Date: Thu,  6 Jul 2000 16:36:49 +0300 (IDT)
> To: rmoya at
> From: Dvir Oren <dvir at>
> Subject: Re: Re: plilo problems
> Rodrigo Moya writes ("Re: Re: plilo problems"):
> > > LILO
> > > .ccboot:
> > > Loading linux.........................
> It might be because you have a large kernel.  One of the effects that
> the patch does is limit the size of the kernel you can use.  I think
> that LILO should have warned about it, or not installed it, but I may
> be wrong.  What size kernel are you using?  I think it should not be
> larger than 450K or so.  Try to make a smaller kernel.
Yes, it might be this, the kernel I'm using is 579140 bytes. I'll try
removing some things.


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