MTD, JFFS, my target -- bringing them together?

Juan Gonzo kayemmess at
Wed Jul 5 16:17:02 EDT 2000


I am using Intel Strataflash with the CFI command
set.  I have managed to compile the kernel with the
MTD code in place.  I would like to use JFFS for the
filesystem.  The following were enabled with make

   Memory Technology Device (MTD) support
   Common Flash Interface (CFI) support
   CFI support for Intel/Sharp Extended Command Set
   CFI chips on memory bus support
   Direct blockdevice access to MTD devices
   Journalling Flash filesystem (JFFS) support

>From previous emails, it seems I have to supply a
read16() and write16() function for MTD to work
properly on my system.  Is this right?  Is that all
I have to supply?  What about all that info from the
website about populating the mtd_info struct and the
add_mtd_device business?  Do I still have to do that?

Thanks for any help,
   -- kelly

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