MTD 20000704 release.

David Woodhouse dwmw2 at
Tue Jul 4 04:02:33 EDT 2000

dvir at said:
>  One other thought:  Perhaps it will interest people to see once a
> month a summary of all CVS changes.  This way, people won't have to
> follow on every change that is made (at least those who are not
> actively developing), but will be able to see if something that they
> do need has been done.

There's a ChangeLog on the web site which contains a fairly high-level list 
of what's changed in the CVS tree, and I try to keep it fairly up-to-date.

If we were to tar it up occasionally and make releases, then it would 
provide what you're after.

To that end, I've finally given in and make another release. Someone 
quickly do something exciting so I can change the 'latest CVS' Changelog 
entry from "Not a lot yet".


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