about doc2000 bootstrap without M-system's firmware

David Woodhouse dwmw2 at infradead.org
Mon Jan 24 06:14:56 EST 2000

jyllyj at 263.net said:
> it load SPL (offset 0x400h sizeof 8k in doc121.exb) to 2000:0 and jmp
> there to execute.
>  then the SPL load other TTFS etc. i can fill the SPL with my
> bootloader like grub.

My copy of grub is 33K - does it fit?

> but i don't know where can the kernel put. how
> can i READ/WRITE doc2000 with a absoluteness address. 

If you can get grub loading from the SPL, that's excellent. 

To get grub to allow you to boot a kernel from the DiskOnChip, you have to 
build the DiskOnChip support into grub's disk drivers. For this you have to 
replace the rawread() routine in shared_src/disk_io.c

The code in my doc2000.c and nftl.c ought to be enough to help you add this 


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