Patch for PowerPC

David Woodhouse dwmw2 at
Tue Jan 18 04:24:56 EST 2000

pavel_roskin at said:
> That all for today. Don't hesitate to put a new diff on the website.
> This will save time and labor of people interested in getting your
> stuff working on PowerPC.

Excellent work - thanks. I'll try to get an updated release out by the end of 
the week, or early next week at the latest.

I'll also upgrade CVS on our server - all the workstations have been upgraded 
to Red Hat 6.1, but the server is still on 5.2 because we haven't had the 
courage to upgrade it yet - hence it still has an old version of CVS.

As it takes a little more thought than just rpm --rebuild of the RH6.1 SRPM, 
that failed too - hopefully I'll get some time to sort it out this week too.


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