DiskOnChip for PowerPC embedded system.

Brendan J Simon Brendan.Simon at ctam.com.au
Tue Jan 4 18:16:45 EST 2000

David Woodhouse wrote:

> > 2) Can I use the firmware/ROM space to put own bootloader code ?  How
> > big is it ?
> 48K by default IIRC. You can use that as a first stage and load more though.

I just noticed something.  48KB of linear ROM space would require a minimum of
16 address lines.  As far as I can see, the DOC2000 only has 13 address lines
(ie. 8KB address space).  I'm a bit confused here.

How does the DOC distinguish between accesses to the linear ROM and accesses to
the NAND-Flash ?

Brendan Simon.

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