Possibly a FAQ or stupid question

David Woodhouse dwmw2 at infradead.org
Tue Dec 5 12:30:03 EST 2000

ian.nelson at echostar.com said:
> Can I just dd to the flash?  Assuming that my AMD flash works with CFI... 

No. you have to use the MEMERASE ioctl first. The doc_loadbios program in 
the utils directory of the CVS tree will do this for you. Ignore the name, 
which I should probably change - it's not just for the DiskOnChip.

ian.nelson at echostar.com said:
>  Right now my boot loader will boot strap a kernel out of flash and
> then I hacked the kernel to scan for my initrd in flash and it will
> decompress it and run, works like a champ but I need a way to put a
> new initrd in there now. 

That works. As RAM is cheaper than flash, it makes a lot of sense to do 
that, in the absence of a compressed writable flash filesystem.

> Is JFFS compressed? 

Not yet. Soon. Watch this space.

> Can I set aside a few K at the end of flash for my boot loader and then a
> few hundred at the beginning for my kernel and use JFFS in the middle?

Yep. You can muck about with the partitioning all you like.


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