DiskOnChip 2000/Millennium driver merge.

Miguel Freitas miguel at cetuc.puc-rio.br
Mon Dec 4 13:44:57 EST 2000

Ollie Lho wrote:

> > I note you changed DoC_Command() so it no longer finishes with
> > DoC_WaitReady(). Is there a situation in which DoC_Command shouldn't
> > wait for FR_B after sending the command? Does it do any harm to do
> > so, or is the removal just an optimisation?
> >
> The reason that I removed DoC_WaitReady() for DoC_Command() is you are
> using DoC_Command to find how many flash chip on a single DoC. If
> there is no more chip, the ready bit will never get high. And the
> driver hangs.
> Ollie

   Hummm, this is a little off-topic, but you have just explained me 
why my PIC routines to access DOC2000 were hanging!!! I saw 
exactly this with a logic analiser, but when using the same DOC on a 
PC it worked, don't ask me why...(and it never left the WaitReady by 

Miguel Freitas

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