What do these log messages mean?

David Fox dsfox at cogsci.ucsd.edu
Wed Aug 30 10:35:05 EDT 2000

When I modprobe docprobe I get the following in syslog:

kernel: M-Systems DiskOnChip driver. (C) 1999 Machine Vision Holdings Inc.
kernel: Cannot find driver for DiskOnChip 2000 at 0xD6000
kernel: Possible DiskOnChip with unknown ChipID 50 found at 0xdc000

That's all I see.  Any ideas what I should do next?  The machine is
based on a Nat Semi board, essentially the same as a VirginConnect.
The flash device is marked DiskOnChip 2000, MD2200-D48.  I see that
the normal DOC 2000 chip ID is 0x20, should I patch the code to accept
0x50 as well?  Is it perhaps being fooled into thinking it sees a
DOC2000 at 0xdc000, and the real device is further down the list?
And what's going on at 0xd6000?

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