MTD support for 8x16 devices

David Woodhouse dwmw2 at
Wed Aug 30 04:48:32 EDT 2000

ahennessy at said:
>  Has any of this already been checked in recently?  And what is the
> procedure?

Stéphane already pointed you at the latest CVS. If you want write access, 
let me have a SSH public key and a sample of your work :)

Can you confirm the mapping of the flash chips - you've got two interleaved
16-bit devices ('2_by_16') but you can only actually access them a byte at 
a time? What is the CPU? What happens if you _do_ try to read a whole word 
instead of only a byte?

ahennessy at said:
>  I'm also thinking about different ways for the partition sizes to be
> set outside of physmap.c.   - any opinions?   Perhaps board specifics
> should be contained in a header file and be set via menuconfig or
> command line or ?

I think it's probably best to keep it in a header file or in physmap.c 
itself. The driver can default to no partitioning, and we can set up some
#defines at the beginning which allow people to change it as they see fit.

ahennessy at said:
> 4.   I need to implement a char device where the customer wants to
> write to the flash and have all the erase details handle by the
> driver.  They want to simply do a dd into the device. 

No. Erase is a single ioctl() call, or a single invocation of the 
'eraseall' utility. The customer is wrong. :)


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