Simple Newbie Questions for MTD and JFFS

mark.langsdorf at mark.langsdorf at
Fri Aug 25 12:21:49 EDT 2000

After a lot of running around in circles and poking at the
code, I've finally gotten my AMD-CFI flash bank to mount 
with jffs.  That's great, but now what do I do?

If I copy a file directly into the mount point, it doesn't
show up the next time I mount the flash.  If I use mkfs.jffs
to create an image and copy that into flash, I can see the
image but I can't access the files that I put into it.

I guess I'm asking if there's any documentation or hints on
how to use the files in the util/ directory, as well as how
mtd and jffs are supposed to work once they've mounted.

Mark Langsdorf
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