Anyone using mtd on NAND flash? (Was: The archives [looking for info on AM29LV640 flash])

Björn Eriksson bjorn at
Fri Aug 25 07:57:11 EDT 2000

> >  I've been browsing the archive to see if anyone's used MTD on
> > AM29LV640 (64Mb, NAND I believe) parts.
> 	The spec sheet for the Am29LV640 indicates they are CFI
> parts.  You should be able to use the cfi_cmdset_0002 module
> with them, though admittedly I haven't tested this myself.

 I've just been across the hall to strangle our hardware engineer (who
happens to also be my boss). He /intended/ to use the AM29LV640 part but had
problems finding a reliable source for them so we're using Samsungs KM29U128
part instead.

 There's no mention of CFI in the .pdf file I've got but I've detected the
KM29U128 chip using:

read_ID() /*pseudo_code*/ {
	const ReadID_cmd = 0x90;

	outportb(DATA, ReadID_cmd);	/*Read ID command */
	outportb(DATA, 0x00);		/*1st address cycle */

	m_code = inportb(DATA);		/* Reading 2 byte data */
	d_code = inportb(DATA);

	return (m_code << 8) | d_code;

 Which doesn't have much similarity to the cfi_probe.c:cfi_probe_new_chip()
function so I guess they're not CFI compliant chips; Why is that?


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