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mark.langsdorf at mark.langsdorf at
Wed Aug 23 17:59:43 EDT 2000

I'm using an Elan Sc520 with 16 megs of AMD CFI compliant 
flash on it.  The flash is arranged into two banks, each 
built from 4 interleaved 8-bit flash chips.  Each bank is 
separately mapped into physically memory using a Programmable 
Address Region (PAR), and the BIOS sets these up and makes 
them write-cacheable by default.

My problem is that the cfi_probe() code fails if the PARS 
are write-cacheable, since the return value of an earlier 
probe is cached, and then returned for the 4x8 probe.  It's 
possible to reprogram the PARs, but I'm not sure where to 
do it.  Should I put it in physmap.c, at the start of the
initialization routine?  Someplace else?  Create a specific
module for my processor and do it there?  What's the best
way to handle this?

Mark Langsdorf
Advanced Micro Devices, Inc             Tel: 512.602.3756
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