JFFS proc file system hierarchy

Finn Håkansson finn at axis.com
Wed Aug 23 12:13:06 EDT 2000

Hi David,

I have added some code that lets us monitor a mounted JFFS file system
via the proc file system. As I wrote in the log message when I added
the two new files jffs_proc.h and jffs_proc.c to the MTD sources an hour
or so ago, the directory structure looks like this:


"jffs"   is the main directory for all JFFS partitions and is added to the
         proc file system when the JFFS initialization code is run.

"3c:12"  is the name of the mounted device. The name is simply generated by
         kdevname. This directory is added dynamically as well as its

"info"   is a file with general information about the JFFS partition and
         could look like this:

         partition size:     00200000
         sector size:        00010000
         used size:          0000696C
         dirty size:         00000000
         free size:          001F9694
         garbage collecting: no

"layout" is a file that contains the current physical layout of the file
         system on-flash.

It should be rather easy to add new files as we need them.

Simon have written some programs that makes images of the information
gathered from the proc files. Programs like that are easy to make when
we have this new functionality.

I haven't compiled the MTD sources with these new changes but I am sure
there are some things one have to tweak in order to be able to compile

Okay. Did I forgot anything?


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