New DiskOnChip driver

Miguel Freitas miguel at
Thu Aug 17 15:53:05 EDT 2000


   I've just uploaded the new DiskOnChip driver to CVS repository. The 
bad news is that this driver _may_ break all I/O to the DoC, so please 
send me any e-mails with reports of success and failures.

   The changes from previous driver are:

   - Millennium driver merged (UNTESTED!!)
   - Support to 2Mb and 64Mb (and more) nand chip addressing modes.
   - 4Kb and 16Kb erase blocks devices (we have to check if nftl is aware 
of this).
   - Subsector writing.
   There is also a new utility called nandtest.c. This is provided for testing 
the DiskOnChip driver without nftl. Please report any problems together 
with nandtest output.

   The only know bug seems to have something to do with my testing 
hardward, I hope that it's not a bug in software at all: sometimes I get 
corrupted data if an interrupt from network card happens inside 
DoC_ReadBuf. Let me know if you have similar problems, and 
preferably, give me a solution! :) Try it doing the following: 1) erase the 
/dev/mtd0; 2) dd if=sometextfile of=/dev/mtd0; 3) less -f /dev/mtd0 -> 
checking for strange charaters on the text. Running less from the console 
do not generate errors, while running it from a telnet session causes the 
appearance of "ÿÿÿÿ" (0xff) in the middle of the text.


Miguel Freitas
Center for Telecommunications Studies
e-mail: miguel at

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