Help me: How to support two Msys Diskonchip devices?

zhengliangchen liangchenzheng at
Sat Aug 12 03:57:32 EDT 2000

        I have meet some problems to deal with Msys Diskonchips. 
I have a task to provide a linux distribution to support some type
machine. In this machine ,there are two 8M Msys diskonchips. But the two
Msys diskonchips is not a whole. I find they are driver C: and Driver D:  
in the MSDOS. This to say ,they will be  treated as two devices by linux.
I have gotten the linux kernel patch and the guide provided by MSYS. 
The guide tells me  how to add the diskonchip driver to the kernel and  how to 
make the flash devices such as fla,fla... . I have done it. 
         Now the problem I are facing with is that I have two Diskonchip devices
in the system. This is to say, I must have a devices "flb" in the /dev/ to
deal with the second Diskonchip device. I have read the guide for several times.
But I can't find a way to make the device "flb". 
        So,could you tell  a way to support two or more Msys Diskonchip devices 
in the Linux system?  It is in the urgent need. 
        I hope I can get help from you. Thanks
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