JFFS garbage collection(?) fails

David Woodhouse dwmw2 at redhat.com
Wed Aug 9 08:08:31 EDT 2000

dvrabel at arcom.co.uk said:
>  I was running a script which copies files back and forth checking
> their checksums.  The machine would then reboot after a random time
> (between 5-10 min). The test had been running successfully for about 2
> hrs.  

I ran one of those overnight on the board here, but without the power 
cycles, and without the problems. Actually, I was running two of them in 

I hate to say this again, but are you using the latest version of the code, 
with the semaphores in to make writes and garbage collection atomic?

Could you copy reports of JFFS problems to the JFFS development list too?

It's difficult to know what happened without seeing a full debug log of 
what it was doing before the power cycle, and/or a snapshot of the flash 
before the power was returned.

Is there any way you could modify your test cycle to take an image of the 
JFFS flash before attempting to remount it?


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