2nd CFI chip detection fails sometimes

David Woodhouse dwmw2 at infradead.org
Mon Aug 7 10:33:30 EDT 2000

dvrabel at arcom.co.uk said:
>  The line marked error causes problems because it can put the flash
> chip into an error state preventing correct detection.  We need some
> way of knowing if it's RAM before we do the write.  Suggestions
> welcome! 

We should probably only put back the original value if we completely fail 
to probe the device, _AND_ if it appears to be behaving like RAM (i.e. if 
the contents of the address are exactly what we wrote to it.

Alternatively, we could accept the fact that we overwrite some bytes in a 
RAM chip when we unload and reload its driver, and just not bother to write 
back those bytes at all.


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