compile errors - missing .h?

David Woodhouse dwmw2 at
Sat Aug 5 07:35:02 EDT 2000

On Fri, 4 Aug 2000, Juan Gonzo wrote:

> I updated via CVS my linux source tree today.  When I compile
> I get the following errors:
> I remember a while back David saying that a person might
> miss updates to include/linux/jffs.h using CVS cause he 
> uses a symlink farm for this file.  I suspect this is why my
> compile is failing.
> If this is the case, how can someone get 'jffs.h'?

The most reliable way to build JFFS is outside the kernel tree. Make sure
you don't have a 'jffs.h' in /usr/src/linux/include/linux.

Then go into the MTD CVS tree, in the 'fs/jffs/' directory, and type:
 make -C /usr/src/linux SUBDIRS=`pwd` modules

You may need to swap the comments on the following two lines in the
Makefile, depending on which kernel you're building against:

	#INODE_O := inode-v22.o
	INODE_O := inode-v23.o


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