DOC2000 & NFTL problems

Ciro Cattuto ciro at
Thu Aug 3 22:17:19 EDT 2000

On Fri, Aug 04, 2000 at 09:54:53AM +0800, Ollie Lho wrote:

> The DoC is not properly nftl_formatted, or the OOB areas are broken
> or not correctly accessed by doc2000.c

That's what I thought. The point is, which one of the above?

The DOC2000 shouldn't be broken, because I can use it without the least
problem under DOS _and_ under Linux 2.0.38, with the binary module provided
by M-systems (or IGEL, whatever). I will re-try all of this, just to be sure.
But given this, what could possibly go wrong with the way doc2000.c accesses
OOB areas? This SBC is a common PC104 board manufactured by Eurotech.
It features a 386SX, 2 Mb RAM (yes, I'm running Linux in 2 Mb of RAM)
and a DOC socket, besides many other devices. It's pretty standard stuff.

I'm confused...

Thank you for you help/hints/whatever :)


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