Is JFFS a full featured filesystem?

Markus Thiesmeyer mthi at
Tue Aug 1 12:15:31 EDT 2000


I've integrated the JFFS into a 2.2.16 kernel and it works almost fine.
But I cannot use an editor like pico to create a file on a JFFS-filesystem. It leads to an serious error. Other operations like copying or moving files are no problem.
So I've written a small program which uses file-mapping to change given files. And the results were very strange: When I run this application it should open a file called map.txt and change the first bytes into the sequence "". But when I read the file after I've run that application, the file seems to be unchanged. Changes appear first when I unmount that fs and mount in again. Then the file looks like a concatenation of the unchanged and the changed version.

Is this a bug? And if it is a bug, is this a known bug?


Markus Thiesmeyer
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