SmartMedia translation layer?

David Woodhouse dwmw2 at
Tue Aug 1 09:49:30 EDT 2000

mdharm-kernel at said:
>   To do this, we need to have code which can take care of this
> re-mapping system.  We're wondering if anyone out there has such code
> allready (perhaps even in use with Linux).

> If not, we're prepared to write our own management system... but if
> there is existing code out there we can leverage, it would be really
> nice. 

We have a couple of translation layers for flash devices, which do a similar
kind of remapping to emulate a block device. I doubt they're the same, and
in some places they're patented and may only be used on certain hardware.

See drivers/mtd/nftl.c and drivers/mtd/ftl.c for more details.


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