Erasing more than one sector at a time?

David Woodhouse dwmw2 at
Tue Aug 1 05:25:16 EDT 2000

stephane.laroche at said:
>  I'm wondering why the parameter validation at the start of those
> function specifically prohibits erasing more than one sector.  Is this
> because the interface is defined this way or is it an oversight?

Unless I'm smoking crack, the CFI command set code _does_ support erases 
longer than one erase block. The three checks which could cause it to 
return EINVAL are:
	1. start address must be erase-block-aligned
	2. length needs to be a multiple of erase block size.
	3. start + length must not exceed the _total_ size of the device.

The DiskOnChip code is different, but that's been/being fixed - depending 
on whether the patch has hit the CVS tree yet or not.


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