problems compiling

David Woodhouse dwmw2 at
Thu Apr 13 04:25:36 EDT 2000

_Please_ turn off the base64 :)

rmoya at said:
>  1 - I had to comment the definition of DECLARE_WAITQUEUE in mtd.h, as
> it's also defined in compatmac.h.

> 2 - Compiler complained about 'add' not being a member of mtd_notifier.

You say later that you're using CVS. DECLARE_WAITQUEUE isn't in my version, 
and the add/remove members of the struct mtd_notifier _are_:

/* $Id: mtd.h,v 1.8 2000/03/31 14:40:42 dwmw2 Exp $ */

> 3 - Then, in doc2000.c, it complained about CDSNControl and
> CDSN_CTRL_FR_B not being defined.

> 4 - Again in doc2000.c, doc->nextdoc (struct DiskOnChip *doc) does not
> exist. I couldn't figure out this one.

For each of these two, I changed the include files at the same time as I
changed the C files. It's OK in the current CVS:

/* $Id: doc2000.h,v 1.4 2000/03/31 14:40:42 dwmw2 Exp $ */

rmoya at said:
> I suppose all these errors are because I took the sources from CVS,
> and that this is development code. 

You seem to have an old copy of the include directory. Try 'cvs update -A'

Note that the IO request handling in the current NFTL code (v1.26) is not
working. You need to revert to v1.25 ('cvs update -r 1.25 nftl.c'). 
Alternatively, you could fix it :)


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