ECC Error + bad access

Dvir Oren dviro at
Wed Apr 5 06:36:30 EDT 2000

I don't know what was different from yesterday, but today I seem to be able to boot
with the MTD drivers, and mount the flash, and the file system doesn't get destroyed
- this is on a 12 Mb flash.  (16Mb doesn't work yet - Anybody using a 16Mb flash and
has been able to boot?  Trevor?)

However, when I try to login I get a bad access error.  I did some checking, and the
bad access seems to be weird.  There should be 23952 blocks (998*12*2), but the error
is about block 23948, count=2, which adds up to 23950.  Ideas?
(I also don't understand why am I getting to the end of the flash.  I'm filling up
only 9Mb of 12)

Also, when I wrote the entire file system to the flash using the MTD drivers, I got a
whole lot of ECC Errors.  Why does this happen?  (I usually get "Error went away on
retry", however).

And still there is the problem with the geometry on 16Mb flashes.

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