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Mark Ferrell mferrell at
Fri Oct 22 00:24:53 EDT 1999

Yah .. that's the interesting part .. I can write/read to/from the /dev/mtd0 just
fine from what I can tell, but when I load the mtdblock0 it causes an ugly kernel

Anyway .. here is an output of what is going on, though I don't know what extent
you want me to test /dev/mtd0 at.

[root@(none) /mnt/src/mtd-19990820/kernel]# insmod mtd.o
[root@(none) /mnt/src/mtd-19990820/kernel]# insmod pmc551.o
pmc551: Found PCI V370PDC IRQ:11
pmc551: 256M (0x10000000) of prefetchable memory at 0x90000000
pmc551: DRAM_BLK3 Flags: RW,On
pmc551: DRAM_BLK2 Flags: RW,On
pmc551: DRAM_BLK1 Flags: RW,On
pmc551: DRAM_BLK0 Flags: RW,On
pmc551: Memory Access on
pmc551: I/O Access off
pmc551: Devsel Fast
pmc551: Not Fast Back-to-Back
Registered pmc551 device from 2359296Kb to 2621440Kb
Mapped from 0xd4005008 to 0xe4005008

[root@(none) /mnt/src/mtd-19990820/kernel]# cd /proc
[root@(none) /proc]# cat devices
Character devices:
  1 mem
  2 pty
  3 ttyp
  4 ttyS
  5 cua
 10 misc
 90 mtd
128 ptm
136 pts

Block devices:
  1 ramdisk
  7 loop

[root@(none) /proc]# cat ksyms > /dev/mtd0
pmc551: writing 0xc00 to 0xd4005008
pmc551: writing 0xc00 to 0xd4005c08
pmc551: writing 0xc00 to 0xd4006808
pmc551: writing 0xc00 to 0xd4007408
pmc551: writing 0xc00 to 0xd4008008
pmc551: writing 0x3d5 to 0xd4008c08

[root@(none) /proc]# /mnt/bin/head -50 /dev/mtd0
d400304c pmc551_erase   [pmc551]
d40030d4 pmc551_point   [pmc551]
d40031d4 pmc551_init    [pmc551]
d40030f0 pmc551_unpoint [pmc551]
d4003c90 mymtd  [pmc551]
d4003164 pmc551_write   [pmc551]
d40030f4 pmc551_read    [pmc551]
d4000b58 get_mtd_device [mtd]
d4000b6c del_mtd_device [mtd]
d4000c1c register_mtd_notifier  [mtd]
d4000c68 unregister_mtd_notifier        [mtd]
d4000aa4 add_mtd_device [mtd]
d4001090 proc_mtd       [mtd]
c0003e3c clear_page
c0007b38 do_signal
c0009b70 syscall_trace
c0003000 transfer_to_handler
c0003b44 int_return
c0005edc do_IRQ
c0005504 MachineCheckException
c0005728 AlignmentException
c00056a0 ProgramCheckException
c00056f4 SingleStepException
c0007548 sys_sigreturn
c0108070 ppc_n_lost_interrupts
c00086ac do_lost_interrupts
c0005bd8 enable_irq
c0005b8c disable_irq
c0005b40 disable_irq_nosync
c0108078 ppc_local_irq_count
c0108068 ppc_local_bh_count
c00e86c8 isa_io_base
c00e86cc isa_mem_base
c00e86d0 pci_dram_offset
c010805c DMA_MODE_READ
c01080a4 _prep_type
c0108050 ucSystemType
c0008778 atomic_add
c00087a4 atomic_sub
c00087b8 atomic_inc
c00087cc atomic_inc_return
c00087e4 atomic_dec
c00087f8 atomic_dec_return
c0008810 atomic_dec_and_test
c0008d24 set_bit
c0008d90 clear_bit
c0008dfc change_bit
c0008e68 test_and_set_bit
[root@(none) /proc]# cd /mnt/src/mtd-19990820/kernel/
[root@(none) /mnt/src/mtd-19990820/kernel]# insmod mtdblock.o
NIP: C000EE54 XER: 00000000 LR: C0017A20 REGS: cf6b5da0 TRAP: 0300
MSR: 00009032 EE: 1 PR: 0 FP: 0 ME: 1 IR/DR: 11
TASK = cf6b4000[37] 'insmod' mm->pgd c11f3000 Last syscall: 127
last math cf6b4000
GPR00: C0017A08 CF6B5E50 CF6B4000 E4007000 00000000 00000048 E4006FFC 00008000
GPR08: CF710000 C0110000 00007B49 C0110000 2222222C 01901170 00000000 00000000
GPR16: 018D2C10 00000000 FFFFFFFF 00000000 00009032 0F6B5E80 00000000 C0003B44
GPR24: C0003878 00000002 00000001 019002D8 0000080C 00000008 00000008 E4007000
Call backtrace:
C0017A08 C00038CC 00000002 0181DFF0 0181B2E0 01814308 0184CFFC
Kernel panic: kernel access of bad area pc c000ee54 lr c0017a20 address

David Woodhouse wrote:

> mferrell at said:
> >  And that's it.  It opens the device for a short duration of time ..
> > but nothing comes forth.  I tried all sortsa fun with noluck.  Any
> > ideas, suggestions, large bat's to beat the system about the head
> > with?
> Hmmm. To test your driver itself, use the character devices, which are what
> /dev/mtd0 ought to be.
> When you're sure that's OK, you ought just to be able to load the mtdblock
> device (after your driver) and use /dev/mtdblock0 too. There may be bugs in
> the mtdblock code, however.
> Can you trace and send me the oops that you get if you load mtd, pmc551, then
> mtdblock in that order?
> Also, it's worth checking that the mtdblock code actually sets the size of the
> block device. The kernel might be refusing to pass on any read() requests
> because we've left the device size set to zero.
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