DiskOnChip interoperability.

David Woodhouse David.Woodhouse at mvhi.com
Sat Oct 16 13:33:09 EDT 1999

I've finally managed to make some time to work on the problems of 
interoperability between the M-Systems drivers and my own.

Unfortunately, I can't seem to reproduce the problems. If I generate the NFTL 
using their DFORMAT program, then mount it and write it lots with my driver, 
then their drivers still recognise the device as a valid NFTL.

Theoretically, this is a good thing, but I'm sure it didn't work before. 

If anyone else can give me a script which will reliably cause the M-Systems 
driver to fail to recognise the NFTL after my driver's been writing to it, 
that would be very useful.

I'll keep playing in the meantime.

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