Jason Gunthorpe jgg at deltatee.com
Thu Nov 4 17:58:12 EST 1999

On Mon, 1 Nov 1999, Alan Cox wrote:

> > All the solutions we currently have for filesystems on flash present a block 
> > device rather than a filesystem interface - that is, both FTL and NFTL act as 
> > an extra translation layer below the actual filesystem, providing 512-byte 
> > random block access for use by a traditional filesystem. 
> Ditto with Compact flash (ATAPI). Compact flash according to the docs does
> its own wear levelling.  Im still baffled why people use the other stuff 8)

Primarily I think it is easier (and cheaper) on a board level to connect
up a 8bit linear flash ROM than it is to work up a full blown IDE
interface for compact flash. This is particularly true for things like
boot flash where I don't think you'll see CF ever being used.

Basically, in our product at least, we need to have flash for booting the
system and storing the bios, if we make it a little bigger (2M) the cost
goes up a tiny bit and we can run the OS on there too. 


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