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Alexander Larsson alex at
Wed May 12 06:57:30 EDT 1999

On Wed, 12 May 1999, David Woodhouse wrote:

> alex at said:
> >  I've done this too. Check out
> > I did it for an embedded ppc 8xx port, but it's platform independent.
> > Contains a generic flash layer and specific support for AMD Flash
> > chips. It also has FTL support. 
> Your code looks similar to mine in many respects, but is more likely to be
> usable with the PCMCIA code. David Hinds has confirmed that he's willing to
> allow memory handling stuff to be removed from the PCMCIA suite and placed into
> the kernel, as long as the required functionality is present.

Ok. I haven't looked too closely on the PCMCIA code, as i know very
little about PCMCIA. I've used davids ftl layer though, with some
structural changes. How come my code is more usable with the PCMCIA code?
> At first sight, it seems that the only thing my version has that isn't present 
> in your code is the 'physmem' device, so I'll port that to your system, and 
> then we can ditch my code, and concentrate on making your Common Flash 
> Interface work happily with the PCMCIA code, before submitting an initial 
> version to Linus for his newly-released 2.3 series.

Ok. Sounds good. I did the flash code as a consultant for a customer, but
i'm currently working on some other stuff. That code is of strategic
intrest for us though (we do embedded linux developing) so i might be
able to help out a bit at work. I can certainly work on my spare time...
if i had any :)

The /dev/ftl devices i use are the same as those registred in the major nr
list. But the /dev/flash char devices use the experimental major 60. I was
gonna register it with hpa, but it seems /dev/flash was already registred
(as a  *block* device?).

By the way, how is the interface to PCMCIA flash cards? Do they just get
memory mapped or must you access it via ISA?
> Is it OK if I put your diff up for FTP next to my stuff, and use it as the 
> basis for the CVS repository that I was intending to set up?


/ Alex

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