FFS2 and MTD stuff

Jason Gunthorpe jgg at ualberta.ca
Tue Jul 27 16:53:31 EDT 1999

Here is another drop of my code base. This version has a few bug fixes to
the base MTD stuff, but sports a new FFS2 r/w filesystem and a FF2 bios
extension boot loader for linux.

I now have a complete stand alone system that boots from flash and uses
/dev/mtd1 as it's root device.

Unfortunately the FFS2 stuff isn't as complete as I would like it it be
and I have to leave it for awhile as I have to add features to the product
that all this is supporting :>

Basically right now it is just a fancy WORM filesystem, but all the
structures are there to implement more advanced writing functions - see
the todo list..

My code is at 




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