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David Woodhouse David.Woodhouse at
Fri Jul 9 18:55:01 EDT 1999

jgg at said:
>  I'm not sure you can actually patent and enforce the software side of
> a hardware interface. Ie if we write a driver that does the proper
> sequence to page, write and erase their chip they cannot take action
> agaist us, unless perhaps that sequence involved lots more software
> control that the AMD flash chips do.

That I suppose I'd agree with - although I would like to get NFTL working too, 
which is a different matter.

> Can you dig up the patents they actually hold on their FTL and on
> their hardware interface? and search for "M-Systems". I can't see NFTL, just 
FTL, which is a moot point because it's already done. There's some stuff on 
hardware, too.

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