Loop Devices over NFS don't work?

David Woodhouse David.Woodhouse at mvhi.com
Mon Jul 5 14:26:42 EDT 1999

jgg at ualberta.ca said:
>  How interesting (It looks simple to me, but is there something I'm
> not aware of?) It beats rebooting my desktop every time I screw up on
> this filesystem driver (MS Flash Filesystem 2 if anyone cares)! 

I use the MTD subsystem itself for testing - my workstation has 128Mb RAM, so I
boot it with 'mem=96M', load the 'physmem' driver to handle the extra 32Mb, 
and play with the filesystem on that. Course, I have these Disks-On-Chip too, 
but I haven't got a MTD system driver for them yet :)

Using FFS2 directly on the MTD layer rather than through an 'intermediate' 
block device should allow us to do clever things like execute-in-place (XIP) 
without too much trouble. Is there any need for FFS2 directly on a block 
device? If there is, I may have to rethink the arrangements to allow it.

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