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David Woodhouse David.Woodhouse at
Thu Jul 1 14:15:55 EDT 1999

I've just sorted out a proper domain for my spare machine on the 'net, so the 
mailing list address is now mtd at, as well as any other 
addresses that it happens to have. The address should have a 
much lower latency than the other addresses, though, because mail is delivered 
directly to it, rather than being popped from my old ISP.

I have a question about CompactFlash - is it of any interest to the MTD 
project, or is it _only_ accessible through the IDE emulation mode.

I'm looking over the specs, and I think it's only accessible as an IDE device, 
so although it's useful to the same people, it's not actually relevant to the 
MTD subsystem - am I right?

Finally, I'm working on the web site at the moment - it's at

Don't be surprised if it's broken this evening - I was speaking literally when 
I said I'm editing it at the moment. My tendancy to hit C-xC-s at every pause 
in my flow of thought will be very obvious if you hit reload every couple of 
minutes :)

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