Anyone embedding RH 6.1 / 2.2.12 ?

Adi Linden adi at
Mon Dec 20 10:14:51 EST 1999


Just thought I'd mention I am mirroring all the embedded stuff I am
working on at

I found my connection to the westcoast is really slow. I can hit Chicago
at 22k/s but uploading to sourceforge is going at 3.2k/s at best. Hope
this helps.

Latest version is 0.16. The next few days I will be working on the
products the embeded thing was started for. After Christmas I am hoping to
get some documantation done and perhaps some scripts to buid different
type systems (i.e. boot from HD, flash, CD, etc).

> I'm thinking your connection is getting limited - best I could get on 3 different
> downloads was about 2.8Kbps...maybe 56K is your upload speed ? Hmmmmm.... Well, if
> you split it up, this won't be a problem...


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