DOC Script for booting

ralph stickley ralph at
Fri Dec 17 15:26:14 EST 1999

Assuming you have booted to a kernel patched for Disk on chip.
*and* have formatted the Disk on chip to be visible by the BIOS
*and* have loaded the "PeeWee Linux" from Adi Linden.
*and* have the Lilo6_21 and boot.b6_21 from Dvir Oren
<dvir at>

(I used embedded-0.14.tar.gz, but this should work for just the binaries
too )

Just put the "doc" script in the Embedded_build directory, then type:

./doc -E /doc
./doc -f  /doc

Reboot and disable the Hard disk drive *poof* should boot to the DOC
(Tested with DOC 8MB / DOC 16MB and DOC Milleniumn 8MB)

Let me know if this works for you (or if you have any suggestions or
bug fixes).


Adi, if this is useful, you can add this to your download page...
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