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Jon Burford jburford at xsilogy.com
Mon Dec 13 14:07:51 EST 1999

I would have NEVER thought of that!  Too bad I need to write to this
partition (as detailed in the rest of my message that you did not include
here).  I have a database on board which needs persistent storage.  And yes,
I have thought of the previously mentioned options of running everything in
ramdisk and periodically moving files to the flash.  Of course, odds say
this is less susceptible to corruption, but I don't have enough ram (I am
using the biggest SIMM my board will take already) for this.


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> > I mount the DOC2000 on /usr, but write only to the logs and db files (I
> > 'chattr i' on all other files in /usr).  What I would like to get an
> > on is:
> If you mount the doc2000 on /usr and have evrything else in ramdisk,
> perhaps mount /usr read-only. It won't corrupt that way.
> Adi
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