DOC2000 and 2.2.12 kernel

Adi Linden adi at
Mon Dec 13 00:16:25 EST 1999

> I actually got the M-systems driver working as a module a couple of
> weeks ago, and have been using it with an initrd.  I still dislike
> using a binary only module, but I was under a lot of time pressure and
> didn't have the time to try to find the bugs in the mtd-implementation
> (or rather the mismatch between what David Woodhouse's mtd code writes
> to the flash and what the M-systems BIOS expects).

I'd be interested in your modularized M-Systems driver if you'd like to
share it.

I think I'll stick to using syslinux for booting from flash right now.
I've only briefly worked with syslinux. If it works as it looks it might
even be a better solution for me than lilo. I can boot the kernel and the
compressed ramdisk from the doc2000 using syslinux. Once the system is up
the module for the doc2000 can be loaded, whether it be the M-sys or mtd


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