[Fwd: Power Down]

Vipin Malik vmalik at danielind.com
Wed Dec 8 15:42:59 EST 1999

Bob Canup wrote:
> Watch dogs are generally there to catch the problem of a run-away
> machine - this ought to be a very rare occurrence.
> According to Vipin's statistics about 1 in 250 random power failures
> during writes to a DOC2000...

Actually it was a m-systems IDE2000 (1.3") IDE flash hard drive. NOT the
DOC2000! Just making that clear.

>...results in a bad sector on the device. Since
> you are required to run the chip in RW mode the only way I see to avoid
> the problem is a UPS on the front end - with signaling to indicate power
> failure so that an ordered shutdown could occur.
> As far as the problem of a bad sector which he discussed I have not seen
> any solutions other than the erase and start over one he originally came
> up with - which for the reasons he discussed - is unacceptable.
> The first step toward solving a problem is understanding exactly what
> the problem is. My theory is that if you interrupt a sector write while
> it is in progress the data and the error checking code don't match -
> thus you get a bad sector. Any other theories?
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