noatime mount option (Was: Power Down)

David Woodhouse dwmw2 at
Wed Dec 8 06:26:56 EST 1999

mdeans at said:
>  Do you know in what kernel version this was added? I didn't find it
> in 2.0.30.

It's probably in 2.0.latest - the 2.0 series had lots of features added to it. 
If not, maybe it's available as a separate patch. It should also be in 2.2

I believe there's also some way of doing it per-directory.

> P.s Whats with iso-8859-15? D.s 

Err... we got a batch of new keyboards with the € (euro) sign on them, so I 
played about with exmh till it could use it. My tests seemed to show that most 
mailreaders which couldn't handle 8859-15 would revert to 8859-1 when reading 
those mails, so I didn't bother to change it back.



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