David Woodhouse David.Woodhouse at mvhi.com
Tue Aug 31 10:05:32 EDT 1999

mkilburn at ftel.net said:
>  For now read only will do for my tests. The M-Systems drivers README
> indicates there may be severe blocking in kernel mode, so much so that
> mouse movements may be affected, this is unacceptable for a soft
> real-time system which is why I want to use drivers with source code.

My code also behaves the same way, at the moment - but it's also fairly high 
on the list of things to fix.

> Do you happen to know what the special Linux firmware does different
> than their normal firmware?

I wasn't aware that they had any different firmware for use with Linux.

> Also, they dont work with lilo due to where lilo loads the kernel.
> This requires a patch to lilo. Do you know of another boot loader
> which does not have this problem?

You could try grub.

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