Toshiba Flashpath?

David Woodhouse David.Woodhouse at
Wed Aug 18 05:15:13 EDT 1999

tcollins at said:
> Just a suggestion, request, for the memory project. 
> Toshiba makes a smartmedia reader that works with a floppy drive. 


> Toshiba doesn't support Linux. 

Things are changing.

> It would be nice if this techology made its way into the Linux world. 
> It is the easiest and fastest way to transfer data two and from smartmedia. 

A fine plan. I was looking at this a few days ago - there are some specs 
available from someone who's been reverse-engineering the protocols used.

However, appears to be no code, and no progress for some time.

I don't have any of these devices, so I haven't bothered to investigate
further. But if you're interested in it, and have access to one of them,
then please do try to pick up from where the others have left off, and try to 
provide a driver for them (or set a project for a student to do so :)

When I next update the project web page, I'll add these links.

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